Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kannetha doore marutheeram

Kannetha doore marutheeram
Marutheerathe konil sankramam

This song is from the Movie Thazhvaram released in 1990. MT Vasudevan Nair penned this movie and Bharathan directed the film. There was only one song in the movie, "Kannatha Dhoore Marutheeram" tuned by Raveendran Master. Mohanlal played the lead role "Balan", Sumalatha as “Kochootty”, salim as Raju, and Sankaradi as Sumalatha’s Father. Camera man Venu did a great job in this movie. He created the mood of death and revenge in the valley. Kaithapram wrote the lyrics and Raveendran master composed the evergreen song kannetha doore marutheeram... was a super hit. 4 major characters played this movie were one of the specialties and all were able to give convincing performances.

The Director takes the audiences to a valley - where death and revenge awaits you in every corner. Balan’s purpose for coming that Valley to kill his wife's murderer "Raju". Raju is living as "Raghavan" in that valley with sankaradi and sumalatha. one day Raju beaten up Balan and thrown away to the valley and later sumalatha saved him and brings to her home. Through the flash back scenes we come to know that the reason for killing Raji, Balan’s wife. A very famous dialogue in this movie was "He tries to kill me in any means; I also try not to get killed". And in climax Balan killed Raju and went away from the valley.

Here is the remaining lyrics

Kannetha doore marutheeram
Marutheerathe konil sankramam
Thimilathai thalam kavil kondadum melam
Chittaram kattil marmaram (kannetha)

Thondedu manaledu kuzhaledu thudiyedu
hakiledu maniyedu thiruvudalazhakodu
thiruvudalazhakodu thiruvani mudiyedu
mukilu chorukkumbol
chittaram kattil marmaram (kannetha)

koorattakalikkili moolum illimulam koottinmele
ilakkurichandaniyum kaaranikkunninmele
idavathin aramaniyilakina neram pularum nerathu
kavilathoru marukum kuthi
kuliradan unaredi poove (idavathin) (kannetha)

Manaledu maniyedu thakiledu kuzhaledu
Thandedu thadayedu thiruvudalazhakodu
Thiruvudalazhakodu padayani mudiyedu
Tharikida poriyumbol
chittaram kattil marmaram (kannetha)
veeradi kolam kettiya nayadikalurayum neram
kalambila kaikalil nilavinte paravaram
karaveera kombilirunnini thaliyola thalam thattedi
malamettil niraparavazhiyana
malaharikal padedi kiliye (2) kannetha

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