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Onnaam raagam paadi onnine maathram thedee

Onnaam raagam paadi onnine maathram thedee
Vannuvallo innale nee vadakkunadhante munpil

Thoovanathumbikal released in the year1987 which has written and directed by the late Padmarajan. It is based on his own Novel Udakappola. It was a triangular love story. Mohan Lal played the lead role of Jayakrishnan, Sumalatha as Clara and parvathi as Radha. Apart from these three, Ashokan, Babu Namboodhiri, Sreenath, Jagathy, Sukumari etc were the co-actors. Mohanlal acted a duel personality character that of a sophisticated & an unmannered one. Padmarajan wrote a bold script that is not dealt with usually in Malayalam films.

Once Clara a girl from a poor family accidently came to Jaykrishnan’s life and they continued their relationship. After that he met with Radha, his distant relative and loved her and decided to marry her. This time Clara became a sex worker. Jayakrishnan told his love with Radha, Clara disappears from Jayakrishnan’s life for his good future. That time Jayakrishnan and Radha got closer and decided to marry. Clara kept sending letters to Jayakrishan that time he realized that he loves these two girls at a time. It made worry him. Clara came to know these things and she decided to meet jayakrishnan one more time. She send a telegram and would meet at Railway station. Jayakrishnan reached the station to meet Clara. Radha also reaches the station without Jayakrishan's knowledge. At the station both gets shocked by seeing that Clara had already got married and is having a baby. She tells Jayakrishnan that she had decided to marry for saving both their futures. Now she will have a family life and Jayakrishnan will get Radha, with whom he had actually fallen in love. And the end the movie Clara leaves Jayakrishnan's life forever and Radha marries Jayakrishnan.
Sreekumaran Thampi wrote the Lyrics and Perumbavoor G. Raveendranath composed two excellent songs for this movie. Venugopal and chitra sang “onnam raagam padi” song and yesudas sang “Megham poothu thudangi” song. Both were big hits. The specialty of the songs are Padmarajan had done the picturisation of the songs before it composed.

Here is the remaining part of the song…

Onnaam raagam paadi onnine maathram thedee
Vannuvallo innale nee vadakkunadhante munpil
Paaduvathum raagam nin theduvathum raagamay
Dhevanumanuraagiyaam ambala prave (onnaam)
Ee pradhakshina veedhikal idarivinda paathakal
Ennum hrudhaya sangamathin shivelikal thozhuthu
aa…aa…aa… (ee pradhak)
Kannukalaal archana mounangalaal keerthanam
Ellaamellam ariyunnee gopura vaathil (onnaam)
Ninte neela rajanikal nidhrayodumidayave
Ullilulla kovilile nada thurannu kidannu
aa…aa…….. (ninte)
Annu kanda neeyaro innu kanda neeyaro
Ellamella kaalathin indrajaalangal (onnaam)

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